SQUALENE shows excellent result as an oxygen supply.

The mystery that surrounds SQUALENE is compounded by the fact that formed also in our bodies. Moreover, it has been revealed that the skin fat of the young, the period when one's skin is at its smoothest and most beautiful stage, contains the highest degree of SQUALENE. There is no doubt, therefore, that SQUALENE is the component that helps in the activation of cells.

SQUALENE is Unsaturated Hydrocarbon of the moleculecular structure of C30H50. In other words, it has 30 carbon atoms and 50 hydrogen atoms. But this structure is quite unstable because it lacks 12 hydrogen atoms. The stable form of this kind is C30H62 (SQUALANE) in which all the six (6) unsaturated pats of double unions per one SQUALENE molecule are fulfilled.

SQUALENE obtains hydrogen atoms from nearby water (H2O), which exists all over the human body. Blood is mainly water and flows through the capillary vessels. The cells, too, contain much water. By the explanation of the chemical reaction, the procurement of hydrogen atoms by SQUALENE produces oxygen molecules as a result.

Some scholars in France advocate the theory that "pain" is a signal to the brain that the part which is aching suffers from the shortage of oxygen. The participation of SQUALENE is eventually to the cure of the disease.

Since the shortage of oxygen in the cells cause diseases like cancer, it is true that the oxygen supplied by SQUALENE in our body affects our health to a great extent.

SQUALENE is already well-known as deep-sea shark liver oil and proved by the health food market and cosmetic industry of the all over the world over 30 years.

Appearance : Colorless clear oily liquid, almost odorless and tasteless
Iodine Value : 360.0 - 399.0
Acid Value : 0.1 Max.
Saponification Value : 0.1 Max.
Refractive Index : 1.490 - 1.498 (at 20℃)
Specific Gravity : 0.855 - 0.880 (at 20℃)
Purity :99.7% Min.(By Gas Chromatography)